What inspired you to start working on the project?
For some time now, a friend of mine has been living on a small island in the middle of the sea, where nothing happens. I once asked him why. He said that most people would answer the question with a set of standard answers. They would probably begin by saying that ‘it is always sunny here, it’s safe, the island is small, and the people are friendly.’ And that would be it. But all these answers boil down to the same narrative – the desire to hide from the world and narrow down one’s needs to living in a warm, nice, cosy place. This in turn is reminiscent of the utopian desire to return to a primeval life. My idea was to make a series of pictures about this longing.

How did your work progress before you made the final version of your project?
It was a pretty bumpy road. As a rule, I photograph the people who surround me. I was faced with the task of creating, within a year, a portfolio of pictures that would be coherent and communicative. I realise the topic I addressed is pretty abstract. A central focus of our discussions was to what extent such a story can be told by visual means.

What is the central message you wish to communicate?
My main objective was to capture the atmosphere surrounding the universal desire to “hide beneath a warm blanket.” I also wanted to prove the idea that my friend’s story is largely the story of each of us.

What photographic language do you use in your pictures and why?
What mattered most in the series was light and water, on account of their symbolic dimension.