The Package

What inspired you to start working on the project?
I think the idea was born out of tiredness. I was tired with what I had been photographing before and with the heavy form of documentary photography. At some point, I felt overwhelmed by the great projects, personal stories, and the ostensibly honest photographic messages. I am a humanist and I want to explore the world, but using a lighter form. I wanted to learn a different style of narration, and thus hit on the idea of “The Package”.

How did your work progress before you made the final version of your project?
Most of the work was going on in my head. I put together certain events and stories I had heard, and outlined what I wanted to tell. This was followed by a long search for places and objects I wanted to capture. Then I flew to a distant place to take some of the pictures. The last stage involved selecting the images and shifting their primary meanings.

What is the central message you wish to communicate?
“The Package” is a story about a dental clinic in a distant, warm country. In addition to standard services, the clinic specialises in providing all kinds of sexual pleasures. From now on, exotic holidays can be combined with taking advantage of dental and sexual services. All in a single place, all coming in a single package. “The Package” is a story about sex tourism.

What photographic language do you use in your pictures and why?
I tried to use a moderately light form of expression, even though I know that the final reception of my series my differ. Which is good since different views is what matters to me.