What inspired you to start working on the project?
It all started with a conversation I had with a friend of mine, a mother of ve, painter, and stage designer. My friend told me about the joy she felt when painting pictures and the sadness she experienced because she didn’t have enough time to do it. I strongly identi ed with her experience. I wanted to say something about it by means of photography.

How did your work progress before you made the final version of your project?
The idea which came up during our conversation evolved. Initially, I was photographing my friend, and the space she was living in. Yet, it turned out that I was doing it only to discover that actually I wanted to say something about myself. So I started to photograph myself. This was, however, a transitory stage, too, leading me to the nal version of the series: a story about the space-time I create together with my own three children.

What is the central message you wish to communicate?
The Home(schooling) series of photographs is a story about an adventure which has been going on in my home for four years now. We are living outside the system and outside the message taught o cially by the school. We are “tasting” the world. The educational aspect is missing from the pictures, but that is exactly how we study. It is also a narrative about the relationships between us.

What photographic language do you use in your pictures and why?
I tell the Home(schooling) story by means of colour medium-format photographs. The so ness of the images and special palette of colours let me highlight the intimate nature of the pictures.